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Supply Chains are characterized as a system or network of organizations, people, technologies, processes, data, and peripheral resources involved in the Planning, Sourcing, Transformation, and Distribution of materials and services, starting with the original suppliers or service provider to the end customer and consumer.  Your Supply Chain must reflect the highest levels of Quality & Compliance, Ethical Performance, Risk Mitigation & Management, Cost Effectiveness, Business Continuity, and Integration.  We can help and guide you.


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Brainstorm to Success
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Organizational Design

Your People & Teams

People are your most valuable asset! Traditional Supply Chain and Quality Operations Management organizations - need to be more Nimble and Agile.  Centralized?  Decentralized?  Hybrid?  What makes sense for you?  Complex Regulatory and Compliance requirements, Globalization and International Value Chains, and Industry Innovation mandate a fresh look at Supply Chain and Quality Operations, where people clearly understand their growth and career trajectories, Role, and Responsibilities.

Quality Management System Compliance

The Path to Success

Is your Supply Chain Compliant?  How do you now?  From cGMP to ISO to MDSAP, it is important to know what Standard Operating Procedures, Policies, and Programs are required and should be followed in your daily operations, regardless of the Standard your Organization has adopted.  Adherence to elements such as your S&OP Policies, Supplier Code of Conduct, Distribution & Logistics Trade Compliance, and your Supplier Management Programs are essential to a complaint Supply Chain.

Supply Chain Risk & Resiliency Assessment Programs

A Holistic Approach

Understanding, Profiling, Mitigating, and Managing Risk is essential to every organization at all times.  We have the Tools and Processes to help you in Business, Manufacturing, Quality and Compliance, Distribution, and Planning Risk Management.  Can your organization assess Risk dynamically - nimble enough, yet effective - at any point in time?  Do you know what data elements to review, insights to pursue, and Risk Mitigation efforts to execute?

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Supplier Quality Management

Your Suppliers, Your Quality

Developing a sound Supplier Audit Program is just the beginning.  Your Supply Chain Partners - materials and services suppliers - must adhere to your requirements associated with Change Control & Notification, Quality Agreements, CAPA, Surveys, and Approved Supplier List requirements.  Maintaining quality across your supply chain will ensure Customer delight and a positive perception of your Corporate Brand and Reputation.

Strategic Business Reviews

The Path to Value & Partnership

Business Reviews are a strategic Yearly, Quarterly, or Periodic meeting to align Suppliers on relationship value and expectations. It provides the opportunity to deliver specific feedback on quality, competitiveness, Supply Chain Integration, delivery performance, and technology competency and capability.  The Supplier Scorecard is at the core of this meeting and we can develop the necessary tools and templates.

Supplier Compliance

Understand & Achieve

What does it mean to be compliant in a global market and eco-system?  Beyond Certification or Audit Success, what elements ensure a compliant Supply Chain?  RoHS, REACH, Conflict Minerals, Anti-Human Trafficking, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability & Green Initiatives, Corporate Governance, and Domestic Law and International Regulations adherence are all essential to sound and compliant Supply Chains.

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Category Management & Purchasing Operations

Contracts to Purchase Orders

Strategic Sourcing requires Contracts, Supply Agreements, Quality and Master Service Agreement and an appropriate understanding of Law, Negotiation positions, and total value.  Once these Contracts are complete, it is up to Purchasing to execute corresponding daily operations, including Purchase Requisitions and Orders.  However, do both of these Procurement organizations - one, strategic and the other operational - know how to engage one another effectively and in a collaborative manner?  How can these teams best support one another?  Clear Roles & Responsibilities are a start.

Standard Costing
Audit & Improvements

What's in Your Price?

Establishing and improving your Standard Costing processes is key.  Starting with Raw Material cost (purchase price, material and freight burden), and continuing with Work-In-Progress and Finished Good Manufacturing Labor and Overhead, then finishing up with Distribution & Logistics and Supply Chain General achieve your Cost of Goods Sold (COGs)...But, did you achieve your target COGs?  How will your business partners react as they apply their Margin Analysis to ensure they can sell your products and achieve Corporate Revenue goals?

Performance Management & Governance

Key Performance Measures

A hierarchy of Performance Indicators exist and it is important to understand the dependencies among them - On-Time & In-Full (OTIF), Adherence to Schedule (ATS), Order Management, Pick-Pack-Ship times, Inventory Accuracy (location and $), Forecast Accuracy and Bias, Purchase Price Variance (PPV), Cost-Down Year-over-Year (YOY), Incoming Quality Inspection Pass %, Supplier Risk Profile, Back-orders (Aging, QTY, $), Customer Service Level - as well as the lower level Process Health Indicators supporting these measure across the Supply Chain organization.

Flexible Payment Planning
Truck and Warehouse

Supplier Life-cycle Management

Beginning to End

Suppliers are selected on the basis of their ability to provide materials, services  and/or products according to requirements set by Policy, Technical Specifications, Cross-Functional Team review, and contractual obligations.  Their ability to maintain quality, compliance, and performance to your standards will ensure they continue to be a trusted partner, especially when key outsourcing elements of your Quality Management System, including those associated with Contract Manufacturing Organizations.

Sales & Operations Planning

Global Planning to Shop Floor Control

Is your S&OP Governance effective and delivers the balance necessary to support Operational Efficiencies, Inventory Strategy, and Customer Service Level requirements?  How do you engage Executives, Middle-Management, and Shop Floor Control Staff?  We can help set up your S&OP, with or without an ERP, or audit current operations.  Balancing Supply Demand.  The creation of a unified business plan is dependent on cross-functional collaboration, and results in actions that all stakeholders understand and are committed to supporting.

Warehousing and
Distribution & Logistics

Pick-Pack-Ship to Air, Rail, Truck, and Sea

Once Planning, Procurement, and Manufacturing are complete it is up to Global Warehousing, Distribution Center, and D&L professionals - Customer Service, Transportation, Packaging, Trade Compliance, and Freight Forwarding service partners - to ensure products are delivered in expected quantities, and at specific locations to meet anticipated demand. The goal is to minimize shortages and reduce the costs of ordering, transporting, and holding goods as they make the "Last Mile" to your Customers.

Data Cloud
Woman Checking Data on Tablet
White File Folders

Master Data Management

Garbage In, Garbage Out

How clean is your data?  Do you have sound Data Governance, Change Control, Steward Roles, and Documented Policies?  Are you preparing for a new Corporate Business Application deployment - ERP, HCM, T&E - which is dependent on a high level of integrity and accuracy in your data?  Do you have the tools to audit, cleanse, construct the required data elements?  Do process stake-holders understand their roles?

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Gaining Insights From Your Data

The days of spreadsheets and presentations to get your points across, communicate strategy, and tell a an effective business story are history!  You need modern Data Extract - Transformation - Load (ETL) & Visualization processes and Applications to help you gain critical insights and drive Strategy and Direction.  Business Intelligence tools and processes are key to your organization's growth.

Business Documentation

Show Me What You Do

To maintain operations and preparation for growth and scale require well-written Business Documents.  Standard Operating Procedures, Policies, Procedures, Work Instructions, Job Aids, Tools, Process Flows, SIPOCs, and Templates are critical to your operations and the ability to pass audits of any type.  We have the experience and knowledge to guide you in your documentation efforts.

Do you need help making important decisions regarding your Supply Chain and Quality Operations?  We can help with all aspects - from Organizational Design, Governance, SOPs and Process Documentation, to Data Analytics - #WeAreSupplyChain!

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