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Molecular Diagnostics Supply Chain and Breakthrough Therapies In Development: An Update!

Much of the current television, print, and online review of Supply Chains has been negative, citing the inability to secure unlimited amounts of PPE, Diagnostic Kits, Vaccines, & Therapies. Why, if our global COVID-19 response, was just that - A RESPONSE! Everything found within Corporate Business Continuity Plans could not have prepared us for this Pandemic. Life Sciences Supply Chains are to be re-evaluated & re-designed NOW! Governments, NGOs, & Industry must focus on NEWsystems or networks of organizations, people, technologies, processes, data, & peripheral resources involved in the Planning, Sourcing, Transformation, & Distribution of materials & services. This effort takes a community & as opposed to designing linear & parallel Supply Chains, we should consider & envision a Supply and Service Matrix - an endless web of Suppliers, Healthcare Providers, Patients, & nodes developed along the way, from raw materials to finished goods, available for diagnosis, dosage, & care of humanity.

Please read this article found on the Bio Supply Management Alliance Biotech Intel Newsletter:

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